Joma Aguila Gol 902 FG

Joma Aguila Gol 902 FG

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  • The Águila Gol are Joma's most classic boots. Made of state-of-the-art materials
  • Waterproof leather upper. Classic football with the technology of tomorrow
  • Made of highly breathable, water-resistant, lightweight leather - WATER RESISTANT technology - combined with micro-PU. 360º system - sewn in one seamless piece for a better fit and a lighter weight
  • Smooth EVA insole that adapts to the shape of the foot. Semi-rigid PVC insole, ensuring that the structure of the studs remains firm throughout the lifespan of the shoe
  • AG sole. For use on artificial grass. Short studs. 21 studs distributed according to the biomechanics of the tread
  • The base of the sole and the studs are constructed in one piece to preventing breakage or detachment of the studs
  • The last is rounded in order to integrate the 360 degree system which ensures that the interior cavity of the boot is equal to the anatomy of the foot.